Poster art design, digital collage

Attuning to our Universal Heart 

Rising up in harmony we create a world where everyone is accepted just as we are, each of us playing our unique rhythm in the symphony of nature of which we are all a part. 

Harmony begins within, finding balance in ourselves, and attuning to the frequency of love. It invites each of us to remember our connection to all things and each other and to see separation as an illusion, joining together in unity to foster a peaceful way within and between all communities.

Harmony celebrates the beauty in our diversity - we all have our own note to play; this diversity is essential to the realization of our collective aspirations for humanity. Through this greater resonance we are able to amplify our purpose  in service of the whole.

By harmonizing we also embrace and integrate those discordant energies in and around us,  that can also serve as crucial pathways to follow for our individual and collective evolution and healing

Written by the team of Medicine Festival, UK, 2023.

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